Communication Playground

About me

My name is Stefanie Duchet and I’m living in Austria’s beautiful capital city Vienna. I would describe myself as an ambitious person, never satisfied with my current knowledge and always embracing new challenges.

In my working life I was always attracted by managing IT and technical projects with a special passion for health tech. The main steps of my career include being part of and establishing a startup in the field of e-Health and ambient assisted living, working as an IT project manager at a Scandinavian IT company and my current job as manager of the implementation team at BD Austria where my team and I are responsible for implementing medical software projects at customers in over 10 different countries.


I have been managing a lot of very different projects ranging from research and development projects in IT, implementing a quality management system for medical software, leading SAP implementation projects without having ever opened a SAP system myself to managing and winning multimillion tenders for IT projects. What my work experience has taught me is that it is possible to manage all those projects without having detailed technical know-how but being a good communicator and enabler for a great team of specialists you can rely on instead. And undoubtedly with a lot of passion for IT projects, management and communication. These are also the three keywords for my blog. “Communication playground” is literally meant as my playground to write about anything regarding projects, management and communication which seems interesting to me.

Beside my work I’m a bookworm and sports addict with a history of being a competitive athlete and therefore used to walk the extra mile and pursue my goals.



  • Graduate Engineer in Sports Equipment Technology
  • MSc in Communication and Management
  • BSc in Sports Science

Further trainings in project management, ITIL, Scrum and Quality Management.

If you are interested in more details visit my profile@Linkedin or check my CV